Discovering my Passion for Reading

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I consider myself as a late boomer for becoming a reader,as a kid my father would read me bedtime stories like ‘Butterfly Kisses’ by Bob Carlisle and Brooke Carlisle. However I would only skim through the pages to look at the pictures. And throughout my years in primary school I struggled with reading and writing, in grade six was in the lowest reading group still reading books with pictures while my friends would be in the highest group reading novels. This was discouraging for me and I had a fear of reading because I felt so far behind.

It was moving out of the city and into a small town, that felt like the middle of nowhere that triggered things into motion. I had an hour bus ride home from school back home, and I had no friends on this small, orange bus. And after many trips of just looking out the window and listening to the chatter of other people on the bus, I knew I needed to find something to do.

There was a library close to the bus stop and I had to wait for about forty minutes until my my bus would arrive every week day. So I got myself a library card. And since that day I would be getting books out, I was nervous to start with but also excited because I was choosing the books I was going to read and I didn’t have to read in front of classmates and fear their judgement. At first I struggled with understanding the pronouncement of words and their meanings, and that made me more determined to understand them. I would arrive home and write down the words I didn’t know and the words I couldn’t pronounce and wait for dad to come home from work and help me with them.

Reading books started of as a way to make the bus ride home less boring, it then helped me with spelling, pronouncing words and with reading words and knowing what they mean. Reading gave me way to spend more time with my dad. And after that I found out I couldn’t stop reading.

It’s been eight years of non-stop reading, and if i’m not reading then i’m thinking about reading and if i’m not thinking about reading then i’m writing my own stories. Reading is my escape of reality where I can become a character of the story i’m reading and be experiencing their emotions and adventures. All the while i’m drinking a cup of coffee, laughing and crying and getting the crazy eye from; my boyfriend, family, friends and strangers.

How did everyone else here find their passion for reading? Was you born with it or were you a late boomer like myself? 

Maybe everyone is born with a passion for reading, some just take longer to discover it than others. 


Let the Blogging Begin

Hey everyone, my name’s Kylie and I’m an Aussie. I love to read especially young adult, fantasy novels. I’m also just starting to write my own stories and it’s been a roller-coaster of ups and downs and totally worth it.

I’ve never had a blog before but you can expect a lot of love, passion and dedication in my book reviews and anything else I may add.

I hope you enjoy my Blog!!! 🙂

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.— Stephen king